Workout of the day: Tuesday, November 23

Back Squat 3-3-3
Tabata Something Else
Sit up or Superman(based on yesterdays WOD)

Tabata is 20seconds of work 10 seconds 8 rounds of each exercise. Report your smallest effort for each exercise.

Dan 135-185-215-2-5-8-13
Don 135-185-205-3-4-8(super)-10
Brenda 75-85-95-4-8-13(super)-11
Kerry 95-95-105-1-2-8-15
Nicole 45-55-75-1-1-5-7
Suzi 65-85-100-2-5-7-10
Sarah 75-95-105-3-8-8-14
Eric 145-165-175-4-4-11(super)-15
Mike D 75-85-95-2-5-9(super)-10
John B 145-185-225-4-6-7-13
Marty 155-185-245-5-5-8-12
Kim 85-95-105-5-6-6-8
Terry 135-185-205-7-8-5-15
Tom 135-185-205-7-8-5-15
Lisa 85-95-97-5-7-7-13
Steve 115-145-160-2-7-9-13

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