Workout of the day: Wednesday, February 23

5 Dead Hang Pullups
7 Hand Release Pushups
9 Push Press (men-65/women-35)
Rounds for 12 min

Terry: 8 rx
Donna: 5+5pp (black)
Sarah: 10+5pullup (blue)
Brenda: 7+5press (purple)
Ruth: 5+7pushup (green& purple/knee)
Dan: 9+4 pullup (purple)
Josh: 9+6pushup rx
Jordan: 7 (purple/45lb)
Mike D: 9 (green)
Tom: 7+2pullup (purple)
Kim S: 7+7pusup (green)
Rich: 6 (blue)
Shannon: 7 (green/45)
Willie: 7 (purple)
Rita: 6 (blue& green/knee)
Erin: 7 (blue)
Lloyd: 9+4press rx+ (75)
Paul: 6+5Pullup rx
Staci: 8+5pullup (blue & green)
Shelley: 9+5pullup (red)
Amuy: 9+5pullup (green)
Kenny: 6+7press (blue)
Jason: 4+5pushup (35/purple)