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Reebok Recognized

reebok recognized

REAL people doing REAL work

Coca CrossFit is not about being better than everyone else; it is about being better than you were yesterday. By combining all aspects of strength and conditioning, we are improving people’s lives one workout at a time.

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Among The Elite

What this means for you is that you can feel confident you are receiving some of the best coaching in the area and are a part of one of the best communities in the country, as there are less than 150 “Reebok™ Recognized” affiliates in the United States.

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Workout of the day: Monday, November 21

15 Body Blasters (burpee-pullup-kte) 15 Jumping Squat 5 rounds Dawn: 15:58 rx Greg: 19:01 rx Eric: 16:53 rx Lisa: 23:54 (split-lt blue/tuck) Donna: 24:30 (split-black/tuck) Tim P: 23:25 (split-blue) Ben: 11:59 rx-3 rds Sarah: 19:16 (split-lt blue) Brenda: 24:10 (split-blue/tuck) Mike D: 15:10 (tuck) Maura: 28:39 (split-green/tuck) Josh: 17:34 rx Jerry: 17:37 (tuck) Mike H: 15:07 (tuck) Bridget: 24:58 (split-black/tuck) Mit: 24:30 (tuck) Killer: 23:20 rx (rounds of 25) Lexi: 22:42 (split-ring row/tuck) Barb: 29:19 (split-green/black/tuck) Tim R: 26:12 rx Kim O: 23:17 (split-ring row/tuck) Jess S: 32:52 (split-ring row/tuck) Stacy G: 20:30 (split-green/blue/tuck) Stacy B: 34:26 (split-ring row/tuck) Kesh:

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