Coca CrossFit

Reebok Recognized

reebok recognized

REAL people doing REAL work

Coca CrossFit is not about being better than everyone else; it is about being better than you were yesterday. By combining all aspects of strength and conditioning, we are improving people’s lives one workout at a time.

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Among The Elite

What this means for you is that you can feel confident you are receiving some of the best coaching in the area and are a part of one of the best communities in the country, as there are less than 150 “Reebok™ Recognized” affiliates in the United States.

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Getting Started

It is easier than you think!

We know that stepping into a CrossFit gym for the first time can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming. Here at Coca CrossFit we pride ourselves in accepting people exactly as they are and welcoming them in our community. You may have already taken some time to read about us and about variety of programs we offer that are scalable to suit all fitness levels. Maybe you still have some doubts, or are just not sure you will “fit in” once you get to our gym. That is why we made it really easy for you to get started and experience Coca CrossFit first-hand! Follow the links below to learn more.