Getting Started

You will begin your membership at Coca CrossFit by completing the 5 session Foundations Class only offered at the beginning on the first Monday of every month.

What is the Foundations Class?
The Foundations class is a general preparedness program consisting of 5 sessions to be completed within your first two weeks of membership at Coca CrossFit.

Who must complete the Foundations Class?
EVERYONE. Yes every member of Coca CrossFit must complete the Foundations prior to attending any open sessions regardless of your CrossFit experience.

Why is there a Foundations Class?
There are several reasons for requiring everyone to complete the Foundation Class;

  1. If you are new to CrossFit it is important that you have a basic competency in the common movements you’ll see through out your CF career
  2. If you are an experienced CrossFitter a little review is never bad
  3. I need to see how your body moves and if there are any major deficiencies as to not cause any injury or worsen an existing condition
  4. I want to see how you interact with your peers in a group setting, it will give me some insight into what coaching style may work best for you
  5. We need to set up a mutual understanding of expectations. What you need as an athlete, and what I expect as a coach.