The Westside Conjugate System combines the best components of two advanced training systems: the Soviet system, where several special exercises are used to advance the training of superior lifters and athletes, and the Bulgarian system, where near-max lifts are performed every workout. Perhaps the most important aspect of Westside’s programming is the concept of variation: in order to constantly progress one must continuously vary not only volume and intensity but the individual exercises and movements as well.

At Coca CrossFit, we offer a competitor level program designed by Shane and Laura Sweatt, owners of CrossFit Conjugate.  Using the Conjugate System, Laura has broken over 45 powerlifting world records and holds the title of the Strongest Female Powerlifter in History.

Conjugate programming is designed for an experienced CrossFitters who understand and can perform basic CrossFit movements safely and correctly. It is a self-directed program but we have plenty of members following it throughout the day as well as a coach on staff ready to assist you with the exercises and setups. This program is FREE for Coca CrossFit members!

Come and join the Conjugate Nation!