sat, may 11

:30 jumping rope
:30 plank
:30 mt climber
:30 erst

handstand work
4 rounds for quality
25ft handstand walk
10 v-ups
10min cap

partner suffer Saturday
400m run together
10 rounds
10 thrusters (95/65)
10 bar facing burpees
*alternate rounds
400m run together

1min twisted cross per side

Benefits & Technique of the Handstand Walk

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While developing your upper-body strength with the pull-ups, push-ups, dips, and rope climbs, a large measure of balance and accuracy can be developed through mastering the handstand. Starting with a headstand against the wall if you need to. Once reasonably comfortable with the inverted position of the headstand, you can practice kicking up to the handstand again against a wall and progress to the handstand walk.

Standing [and walking] on one’s hands dramatically alters the normal kinetic chain required for standing [and walking] on one’s feet. When standing, the hip is the focus of control and leverage. When in the handstand, the focus shifts to the shoulder. This shift not only helps develop “shoulders strong as hips” but also presents a set of unique demands on the body’s core. Hand walking and pressing to the handstand are gateway movements to much of the corpus of gymnastics movements, and gymnastics training, even of rudimentary movements, has no peer for core or neurological training.

Coca CrossFit: Modifications Build Up to Movements

So one thing you’ll quickly find out when working out at Coca CroosFit is that we embrace our athletes to perform challenging modifications to build their strength up to eventually perform the movement. Some of our athletes may not have any desire to do a handstand walk, and that’s OK. Whether it’s a past injury or a fear of being inverted, our CrossFit Trainers work with each athlete to help them perform a modification, or scaling, of the movement that will strengthen the same muscles while feeling comfortable. For the Handstand Walk our athletes may choose a handstand hold against the wall, pike handstand walk around the box, shoulder taps or one of the other many scaled versions of the handstand walk that will help the athlete develop confidence and strength.