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reebok recognized

REAL people doing REAL work

Coca CrossFit is not about being better than everyone else; it is about being better than you were yesterday. By combining all aspects of strength and conditioning, we are improving people’s lives one workout at a time.

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Among The Elite

What this means for you is that you can feel confident you are receiving some of the best coaching in the area and are a part of one of the best communities in the country, as there are less than 150 “Reebok™ Recognized” affiliates in the United States.

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Workout Of The Day

Wednesday, March 29th

Warm Up 3 Rounds 150ft Jog 150ft Grape Vine THEN 3 Rounds 10 Shoulder Rollout 10 Around the World Gymnastics EMOM for 5 Minutes 5 Muscle Up Transitions or 5 Strict Pullups Workout Of The Day "Helen on Water" 3 Rounds 500m Row 21 Kettlebell Swings (55/36) 12 Pullup Finisher 100 AB Fallout on rings

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Tuesday, March 28th

Warm Up 2 Rounds 10 Lunge with overhead stretch 10 Overhead squat with pvc 10 ABmat situp 10 Back Extension 10 Pullup 10 Ring Dips Accessory 3 x 10 One Arm DB Row 3 x 20 Lat Pull Down 3 x 10 Back Extnesion w/ Snatch Deadlift Workout Of The Day As Many Reps As Possible in 15 Minutes 10 Handstand Pushups 15 Front Squat (95/65) 30 GHD Situp Capacity As Many Reps As Possible in 15 Minutes 10 Pushups 15 Front Squat or Goblet Squat 30 ABmat Situp Finisher 3x15 Landmine *each direction

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Monday, March 27th

Warm Up 3 Rounds 7 Burpees 14 Spiderman 21 Lateral Lunge then 3min Bottom of Squat Hold Strength Front Squat 8 x 2 50% Bar +25% Chain Workout Of The Day Death by Deadlift (185/115) Capacity 5 Rounds 250m Row 7 Deadlifts 20 Russian Twists(R+L=1) Finisher 100 Barbell Sidebend

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Thursday, March 23rd

WARM UP 2 Rounds 10 Lunge with Overhead Stretch 10 Overhead Squat with PVC/Empty Barbell 10 ABmat Situp 10 Back Extension 10 Pullup 10 Ring Dip ACCESSORY 3 Rounds of Each 20 Reverse Hyper 10 Good Morning Lunges 10 Stiff Legged Sumo Deadlift WORKOUT OF THE DAY 6 Rounds NOT FOR TIME 500m row 75ft sled pull CAPACITY 6 Rounds 250m Row 30 Lunges 20 Situps CORE 100 Barbell Side Bends

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Wednesday, March 22nd

WARM UP 3 Rounds 30 Single Unders 20 Dumbbell Box Stepup (Challenging Weight) 10 Pushups GRIP/MOBILITY Tabata Hang on Bar THEN 2min Thoracic Mobility :30 Ankle Mobility Per Leg WORKOUT OF THE DAY AMRAP in 20min 5 Wall Walk 10 Hang Squat Clean (165/105) 20 Pistols (total) 30 GHD Situps CAPACITY 7 Rounds 7 Hang Power Clean 7 Front Squat 7 Push Press **ONE BAR** CORE 3x1 Minute Plank Hold

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Monday, March 20th

WARM UP 2 Rounds 200m Row 20 Banded Good Mornings 20 Lateral Lunge 20 Reverse Hyper Strength In 20 Minutes Find: 1 Repetition Max Deadlift WORKOUT OF THE DAY 21*15*9* Push Press (95/65) Air Squat *50 Double Unders Capacity 21*15*9* Dumbbell Push Press Air Squat *50 Single Unders Core 3x10 Decline Situp *add weight if possible

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Saturday, March 18th

Warm Up 10 lunge with overhead stretch 10 ovearhead squat with pvc 10 abmat situp 10 back extension 10 pullup 10 ring dip x2 Skill Alternating Tabata v up plank hold Workout Of The Day Partner WOD partner a: 5 pullup 10 pushup 15 air squat x3 *switch every 3 rounds for 24min *must also complete a 3k row

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