About Coca CrossFit

Our Coca CrossFit gym was established in October 2010, in North Ridgeville, by founder Kate ‘killer’ Rawlings. Kate is the head coach, an experienced CrossFit Games competitor and retired professional CrossFit athlete. Since the gym’s opening the team at Coca CrossFit has been building an amazing, supportive community where everyone is welcomed and accepted, exactly as they are, without judgement.

Our CrossFit Gym Motto:

We’re all f*cked up and that’s why it works: be it physically, financially, emotionally etc.

Our CrossFit Gym Mission:

At Coca CrossFit, members can expect an established schedule of classes run by our CrossFit Certified coaches. Each member receives daily instruction on proper movement(s), as well as ongoing monitoring of personal progress.

In a welcoming environment, members are encouraged to maximize physical effort to increase their functional fitness. Attention will be focused on each member’s skill level to assist them with proper completion of the Workout of the Day (WOD). Members can expect to experience improved functional fitness while developing a friendly camaraderie with fellow Coca CrossFit gym members.

Visiting Our CrossFit Gym in N. Ridgeville:


Coca CrossFit is located in N. Ridgeville, less then 2 miles from Westlake and 1 mile from Avon, conveniently nestled off Mills Road between Jaycox Rd and Nagel / Lear Nagel Road Intersection.

Many of our members come from
N. Ridgeville, N. Olmsted, Westlake, Avon, Avon Lake and Bay Village. With our gym conveniently located on the borders of Cuyahoga and Lorain counties, many members find it on their way to work, or on their way home.

We always recommend that you come take a class for FREE any day of the week. The best way to see how our CrossFit gym works, how we do it and if you fit here is to come see first hand. See our schedule here.

Prefer a one-on-one introduction?

Call us at 440.724.6587 or message us as cocacrossfit@gmail.com to set up a private session