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February CrossFit News Coca CrossFit Gym

Coca CrossFit Newsletter

At Coca CrossFit we pride ourselves on keeping things fun, interesting, challenging and hopefully - exciting! There's so much involved in living a healthy lifestyle - physically and emotionally, that we never tire of new things to explore, so we use our monthly newsletter, The Coca Connect, to keep our members informed.  We could be exploring anything: eating habits, the Whole30, Macros, kettlebell, yoga, essential oils, CBD - I mean every month we are bringing experts on new topics in to expose to our members and the general public.  And each month our programming has a strategic focus in movements and workouts in order to encourage all our athletes to further their progression on certain CrossFit benchmarks - pullups, handstand push-ups, barbell lifts, rowing, etc... So stay tuned for updates on events, work outs and more with the Coca Connect.

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What's New at Coca CrossFit This Month?

Monthly Focus - Shoulder Stability / Inversion

For the month of February the crossfit trainers at Coca will be shifting their focus from the pull-ups (our monthly focus in January) to shoulder stability and getting inverted (or upside down). Many of our athletes have gotten comfortable getting inverted, so now we'll be focusing on getting stronger at handstand pushups as well as handstand walks.

For our members that aren't comfortable getting inverted we'll have programming to keep your feet on the floor or we'll scale the movements to build confidence if getting upside down is an eventual goal. Make sure you're in Mon/Wed/Fri for the shoulder stability / inversion work.

90 Day Healthy Habits Challenge

This is NOT a nutrition challenge... it is a daily lifestyle challenge. We will start with a focus on finding your lkigai (aka your why?) and refer to it often.  Once we have the base of your pyramid figured out we will focus on actionable items in the areas of:

  • sleep
  • nutrition
  • mindfulness
  • fitness

Actionable items will include creating new habits - daily journaling to track and reflect, a weekly review to celebrate success and uncover road blocks. There will be social support to work as a community sharing struggles, encouraging each other and of course celebrating - click on this link to learn more

The Coca 5: Coming in April. Preparing Today!

If You Love The Coca CrossFit Open, You Will Love the Coca 5.

The Coca 5 is a set of workouts designed to test your overall fitness while exposing areas to improve. Just like The Coca Open, The Coca 5 will be scheduled as the workout each Friday and our community will come together, have fun and test their abilities. We'll be divided into teams for a friendly internal gym competition and knowing our community, we're anticipating some fun happy hour socializing after the last workout of the day.

Read The Coca 5 to see the workouts planned and the skills you'll want. Prepare now and impress yourself in April!

Coca CrossFit Member of the Month

Each month we'll highlight a member as the member of the month. We have such an amazing group of members but a lot of you don't get to interact unless you attend the workouts at the same time, so use our member of the month feature and the social events to get to know other Coca members that don't workout at the same time you do.

This month's member, Kim Kitchen, can usually be caught at 8:00AM classes, 4:30PM classes, a Saturday partner workout and always at a Coca Happy Hour workout. Learn more about Kim at this  Member of the Month page.

Upcoming Coca Classes & Events

Valentines Day Self Love Happy Hour

Join us for a partner or team workout with and stay for a drink and some laughs after Great Lakes Health and Wellness will also be on site with bladding, cupping and acupuncture all complimentary!
Friday, Feb 14th  at 6: 30-9:00pm
More details on our Facebook Page

Specialty Sunday with Coach Matt

Join Coach Matt on the last Sunday of each month for a specialty clinic on one of the 10 physical components of fitness. 10:00-11:00am. Sunday, February 23rd and Sunday March 29th.

Barbells & Binkies

This 4 week postpartum fitness class is designed for the busy mom that wants to return to working out and needs or wants to keep their baby close by .
This is Ideal for moms that are within 12 months postpartum but appropriate for any timeline of postpartum.
Saturdays 10:30-11:30am, March 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th. $100.00 for the series.

More Barbells & Binkies details here.