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Community at Coca CrossFit

Our gym in N. Ridgeville is very much community-focused. The way we see it is that it’s the activity, the programming and the exercise that makes us stronger and gets us closer to our fitness goals, but it’s the community that keeps our hard work fun and then makes sure we keep coming back for more. It’s that consistency that will help create the results you join the gym for in the first place, so fostering a fun, inclusive, community is just as important to the crossfit experience as the tire flips and burpees we have a general reputation for.

Fun Coca CrossFit Events

OGyms That Allow Kidsur members get a chance to get to know each other during the class, before and after, and you’ll notice our athletes referring themselves by the class they usually take like a “5AM-er” or “a 4:30PM-er” so having social events for happy hour and on the weekends are a great opportunity for the whole community to get to know each other. Check out our Facebook Page for events from cookie decorating and essential oil clinics to Olympic weightlifting and rowing clinics. We also foster a community with a Facebook Page, open to the public, a private Facebook Group – for members only and our Instagram account. Aside from the events we host at the gym for social activities we also have fund raisers, family picnics and ladies nights events – there’s basically always something going on at Coca CrossFit and dogs and kids are always welcome.  We’ve recently even added a room for the kids to hang out safely, with baby gate, while watching mom and dad and staying out of the way of flying ropes, flipping tires and kettlebell swings.

Member Spotlights & Athletes of the Month

We’ve recently added a featured athlete of the month and new member spotlights so our members can learn more about new members that may not see in their typical class schedule. Click on the posts below to learn more about each athlete and keep our Coca Crossfit community strong 🙂