COVID19 protocols

As fitness professionals, our passion and commitment is to build the health and fitness of our community and our response to the COVID19 epidemic reflects this commitment.

We are implementing the following practices into place as we move forward:

1: Spacing and class size considerations:  

  • Classes will be capped to 10 athletes per class (until the cdc recommendations change)
  • Each athlete will be given a minimum of 100 sq ft per athlete
  • We will ask athletes to be timely leaving within their hour to limit congregating
  • Athletes will have to reserve their space in class via ZenPlanner (software used by Coca CrossFit)

2: Equipment considerations:

  • Class programming will provide each athlete with their own equipment
  • Equipment will be cleaned before and after each use
  • Each athlete will be informed of their station/space for the day
  • Athletes will be provided chalk, but are asked to provide their own storage once they have received chalk as we will not have community buckets

3: Cleaning considerations:

  • Each athlete will be asked to wash hands upon entering coca, and we suggest washing them again before leaving the facility
  • Each station/space will have the cleaning supplies needed to clean before and after each use
  • Each athlete will be taught about proper cleaning procedures moving forward
  • All general open spaces will be disinfected between morning and after classes as well as at the end of   the day

4: Athlete & coach considerations:

  • If you are showing any signs or symptoms (COVID19 or any illness) we ask you to remain at home until you have no signs or symptoms for 24 hours
  • The studio shall keep a temporal thermometer available to check members when requested
  • Coca will have masks available for those that request one to be used at athlete discretion
  • The Coca kids room will be closed until further notice as we’re aware that children are not the best at social distancing