Coca CrossFit Athlete of The Month: Kim Kitchen of North Olmsted

Kim Kitchen North Olmsted

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At Coca CrossFit we understand it's the physical activity that gets the results and it's our crossfit community that makes it fun, so we spotlight a different athlete each month in our Coca Connections newsletter. Hopefully all our athletes will get a chance to learn more about each other - what drives us, why we started, why we stay and what we do for fun when we're not at the gym.

About Our February Athlete of the Month

This month our focus is on an athlete from North Olmsted that chose Coca CrossFit after visiting some other crossfit gyms in N. Olmsted, Westlake and Bay Village over two years ago. During her initial visit, there was no one else in our 5:30PM class so instead of flying under the radar and checking us out (which she had intended) she had the undivided attention of crossfit trainer, Russ Flynn.  In the workout that day was rope climbs - a movement she never thought she could do. That first trial visit she got up that rope and has been "hooked" ever since!

Read more about Cross Fit athlete, Kim Kitchen of Burning River Marketing:
Age: 44
Job: Run an internet marketing company, Burning River Marketing, so I sit at a computer and two monitors all day helping small businesses to get found in a Google search.
Favorite Exercise: Rope Climbs
Favorite Food: Ice Cream

Favorite Thing About Coca CrossFit?

I love how there is such a variety of people - ages, fitness levels, jobs, backgrounds ... But that we all fit in together, are included, encouraged, challenged and empowered.

Biggest accomplishment: Rope climbs. I'm still not great at them but the fact that I can climb a rope, at my age, when I could never do it before, feels damn cool! And that's probably why they are my favorite exercise.

What do you do outside of the gym: prepare two teenage daughters for life i.e. getting drivers licenses, jobs, cars, college visits, proms... These last few years of parenting minors have become pretty time-intense and I'm enjoying it while I can. I also enjoy visiting microbrews and drinking craft beer.

What is the one goal your working on: I'm focusing on keeping a food diary and hitting my macro nutrient goals to becoming more aware of the types of food my body needs to stay fueled, recover better, and avoid weight gain.

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