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At Coca CrossFit we understand it's the physical activity that gets the results and it's our crossfit community that makes it fun, so we spotlight a different athlete each month in our Coca Connections newsletter. Hopefully all our athletes will get a chance to learn more about each other - what drives us, why we started, why we stay and what we do for fun when we're not at the gym.

About Our January Athlete of the Month

This month our focus is on an athlete you're likely to find at our 5AM or 6AM morning classes. She always brings a laugh and a lot of questions.

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Age: 36 (closer to 40 than I prefer)
Job: Therapist with teens and young adults - never lacking drama.
Favorite Exercise: Riding my horse. Trust me, it's a full body workout to survive most days.
Favorite Food: Chocolate ice cream, hands down.

Was Initially Nervous and Intimidated by CrossFit

Favorite Thing About Coca CrossFit?

the welcoming environment, I was super nervous about starting CrossFit and intimated but from the second I walked in I felt at ease and like everyone I met was supportive and happy to answer my 9 million questions .

Biggest accomplishment: Workout wise - running a half marathon. From a personal life perspective - it will be finishing my masters in 20 some days. Oh and I guess I should say my kids (whoops).

What do you do outside of the gym: I spend lots of time outside with my family, read as much as possible, and hang with friends - usually on our deck with everyone's kids running wild and having fun.

What is the one goal your working on: Workout wise my goal is to really just gain strength overall. More specifically I have always wanted to do a handstand so maybe that's a long term goal!

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