New Coca CrossFit Member Spotlight: Lani Wyar

Lani Wyar CrossFit N. Ridgeville

Welcome Lani to Coca CrossFit!

At Coca CrossFit we love to foster that community that keeps coming to our gym fun. One way we do that is to update our athletes on the new faces joining Coca. So each month we try to feature an athlete of the month and then spotlight a different new member.   This way we all get a chance to learn more about each other - what drives us, why we started, why we stay and what we do for fun when we're not at the gym.

This month our New Member Spotlight focus is on an athlete that had been doing crossfit for three years before taking a long break and we're so happy that when she decided to get back into crossfit again - she chose Coca!

Read more about New Member Spotlight, Lani Wyar of North Ridgeville:

About Our October New Member Spotlight

Name: Lani Wyar
Age: 33
Occupation: Salon Manager - Lash Lounge

New to Coca CrossFit, but not CrossFit

Lani had to take some time off after loving cross-fit for three years and now she's back!

How long with Coca CrossFit:

Why Coca CrossFit:
These are my kind of people. Everyone works hard, has a sense of humor, and will push you to get you to give your best. The motto "train to train another day" hit home too! I like that they do their best to prevent injury!

What would you tell someone thinking of starting CrossFit?
Just go check it out. I think it can be intimidating if you haven't actually stepped into a CrossFit gym but it shouldn't be - each workout is scalable for individual needs. People are warm and welcoming. Judgement free.

Fun Facts: 
* I am new to Ohio
* I relocated from DC
* I am obsessed with my dog
* I have a dad joke arsenal

Visit Our CrossFit Gym: Where Westlake, Avon and N. Ridgeville Collide

That's right Lani - Planet Fitness got nothing on us. At Coca we're so judgement-free we don't even realize it. There are no lunk alarms or dress code requirements. Answer your cell phones wherever you want. Bring your kids. Bring your dogs. We don't care - just be respectful of everyone else at the gym and be safe. Come as you are, work out as you can, let us know how we can help you accomplish your goals and let's have fun!

CrossFit Near MeTo learn more about our community we encourage you to visit Coca CrossFit on Mills Road in North Ridgeville. We are conveniently located between Avon and Westlake, south of Route 90 and north of Route 480 and the Ohio Turnpike. So whether you live or work in Avon, Westlake, N. Ridgeville or N. Olmsted, Coca CrossFit is likely on your way. Stop in to check out our community and get a feel for what our crossfit gym is all about.  Find a class on the Coca CrossFit schedule that will fit your daily routine, email, call 440-724-6587 or fill out the contact us form so we know to expect you. And don't worry - if you're a newbie, you'll fit right in. All the movements in every workout can be modified to accommodate every skill level.