New Member Spotlight: Lani Wyar

New Member Spotlight: Lani Wyar
Age: 33
Job: Salon Manager – Lash Lounge
CrossFit Experience: 3 years after a hiatis

Why Coca?
These are my kind of people. Everyone works had, has a sense of humor, and will push you to get you to give your best. The motto “train to train another day” hit home too! I like that they do their best to prevent injury!

What would you tell someone thinking of starting CrossFit?
Just go check it out. I think it can be intimidating if you’re haven’t actually stepped into a CrossFit gym. Each workout is scalable for individual needs. People are warm and welcoming. Judgement free.

Fun Facts:
* I am new to Ohio
* I relocated from DC
* I am obsessed with my dog
* I have a dad joke arsenal