tue, may 14

CrossFit Dumbbell Press


30 single unders
10 shoulder rollout
10 db press/arm

hand stand work
8 min for quality
4 hspu (hand stand push up)
6 strict toes to bar
25ft hand stand walk

CrossFit Warm-up

Warming up is an essential component to each CrossFit workout, and like any other CrossFit movements, is modified to each athlete's skill level and flexibility. So whether the athlete is recovering from an injury, just beginning their journey to fitness or gearing up for a competition, the warm-up of every workout is specifically designed to increase body temperature and heart rate, provide some stretching, stimulate the entire body and major biomechanical functions, provide practice for basic movements, and ultimately, prepare the body for the workout.

Workout Of the Day (WOD)

At Coca CrossFit we usually provide two tracks each athlete can choose from for their daily workout – the WOD or the Capacity. Our athletes choose a track for the day, discuss modifications and technique with the trainer in a group setting and then both tracks, WOD and Capacity, start simultaneously. Typically the WOD is more strength focused while capacity provides a more cardio focused option with lower weights and more aerobic movements.


800m run
80 burpees
60 db snatches (40/25)
40 db step up and over
20 chest to bar pullup


800m run
80 burpees
60 db snatches (40/25)
40 db step up and over
20 chest to bar pullup


1 min twisted cross/side
2 min thoracic spine hold

CrossFit Finishers

Each workout has a finisher planned by the coach that will aid in stretching and recovery based on the movements for that day's workout.

Benefits and Technique of the Burpee

The burpee is a mainstay movement in CrossFit used to develop fitness. In certain populations, the burpee (prone to stand) is a critical skill required to safely lower one's body to the ground and stand back up.

Burpees are an effective movement for improving fitness because they force your entire body to work hard through the movement. Getting on the floor, doing a push-up, to getting back up, and jumping with a clap overhead works all the major muscle groups: legs, shoulders, arms, chest, back. Burpees are great for developing conditioning and endurance and get your heart rate up—fast which makes them a great component in your pursuit of fitness, whether you're just getting started or a seasoned CrossFit athlete.

Benefits & Technique of the Handstand Walk

(content from https://www.crossfit.com )
While developing your upper-body strength with the pull-ups, push-ups, dips, and rope climbs, a large measure of balance and accuracy can be developed through mastering the handstand. Starting with a headstand against the wall if you need to. Once reasonably comfortable with the inverted position of the headstand, you can practice kicking up to the handstand again against a wall and progress to the handstand walk.

Standing [and walking] on one’s hands dramatically alters the normal kinetic chain required for standing [and walking] on one’s feet. When standing, the hip is the focus of control and leverage. When in the handstand, the focus shifts to the shoulder. This shift not only helps develop “shoulders strong as hips” but also presents a set of unique demands on the body’s core. Hand walking and pressing to the handstand are gateway movements to much of the corpus of gymnastics movements, and gymnastics training, even of rudimentary movements, has no peer for core or neurological training.