wed, may 15

Ring Dips CrossFit Workout


10 cal row or bike
10 chest drops on the wall
20 straight arm lat pull down
1 min barbell trap smash/arm

max upper
1 rep max
push jerk
*15 min time cap

CrossFit Warm-up

Warming up is an essential component to each CrossFit workout, and like any other CrossFit movements, is modified to each athlete's skill level and flexibility. So whether the athlete is recovering from an injury, just beginning their journey to fitness or gearing up for a competition, the warm-up of every workout is specifically designed to increase body temperature and heart rate, provide some stretching, stimulate the entire body and major biomechanical functions, provide practice for basic movements, and ultimately, prepare the body for the workout.

Workout Of the Day (WOD)

At Coca CrossFit we usually provide two tracks each athlete can choose from for their daily workout – the WOD or the Capacity. Our athletes choose a track for the day, discuss modifications and technique with the trainer in a group setting and then both tracks, WOD and Capacity, start simultaneously. Typically the WOD is more strength focused while capacity provides a more cardio focused option with lower weights and more aerobic movements.


5 overhand axle bar deadlift
10 ring dips
20 air squats
5 min amrap
rest 2 min


10 deadlifts
20 box dips
30 air squat


4 min frog stretch

CrossFit Finishers

Each workout has a finisher planned by the coach that will aid in stretching and recovery based on the movements for that day's workout.

Benefits and Technique of the Deadlift

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The deadlift’s primal functionality, whole-body nature, and mechanical advantage with large loads suggest its strong neuroendocrine impact, and for most athletes the deadlift delivers such a quick boost in general strength and sense of power that its benefits are easily understood.

If you want to get stronger, improve your deadlift. Driving your deadlift up can nudge your other lifts upward, especially the Olympic lifts. Fear of the deadlift abounds, but like fear of the squat, it is groundless. No exercise or regimen will protect the back from the potential injuries of sport and life or the certain ravages of time like the deadlift. We recommend deadlifting at near-max loads once per week or so and maybe one other time at loads that would be insignificant at low reps. Be patient and learn to celebrate small, infrequent bests.

Benefits & Technique of the Air Squat

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The air squat is the cornerstone movement of CrossFit and is foundational to the front squat and
overhead squat. The air squat raises one’s center of mass from a seated to standing position.

As is the case with all the movements prescribed in each workout, when an athlete is recovering from an injury or limited in movement, the certified CrossFit trainers at Coca work with each athlete individually to ensure the movements are challenging but appropriate for various restrictions an athlete could face.