Crossfit Tire Flip: Benefits & Technique

Benefits & Technique of the Handstand Walk

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Tire flipping and other crossfit workouts simply give you the best bang for your buck when it comes to getting into shape. Studies show that crossfit workouts are the best workout to burn calories and gain muscle. A 2010 tire flipping study suggested that this work out provides a high level of metabolic output as well as physical and mental stressors. All of which are good for the body. Other similar studies shared common theories about the bodies physical output while performing tire flipping.

“We’re not going up and we’re not sliding forward. We’re going somewhere in the middle. We’re looking for 45 degrees,” Orlando says of the drive into the tire.

The first step is extending the hip without changing the arm angle. Next is a stutter step and kick with your dominant leg so the tire never stops moving. Keep your grip underneath the tire.

“If you can get the tire to your thigh, you should be able to get the tire over. You’ve done most of the work. All you have to do is get a little bit lower and keep driving up,” he says. This might take the form of ratcheting the tire up if it is really heavy.

Coca CrossFit: Modifications Build Up to Movements

So one thing you'll quickly find out when working out at Coca CrossFit is that we embrace our athletes to perform challenging modifications to build their strength up to eventually perform the movement. Some of our athletes may not have any desire to do a handstand walk, and that's OK. Whether it's a past injury or a fear of being inverted, our CrossFit Trainers work with each athlete to help them perform a modification, or scaling, of the movement that will strengthen the same muscles while feeling comfortable. For the Handstand Walk our athletes may choose a handstand hold against the wall, pike handstand walk around the box, shoulder taps or one of the other many scaled versions of the handstand walk that will help the athlete develop confidence and strength.